Are you paying too much to accept credit cards and ACH?

Save up to 50% on fees, reduce workload and get your funds next day, Clique is designed to be powerful, Seamlessly works with QuickBooks and helps merchants to process payments for less!


Payments Made Easy

No more paper time slips, stamps, or mailing invoices. No more awkward collection calls, manually typing in credit card info, or swiping cards in a separate terminal. Integrated credit card and ACH bank transactions reduce your entire billing day to a single click.

 Collect Cash Fast

Agencies who use e-payments collect funds in 2 days versus 15 days. 

 Reduce Bad Debt

When all of your clients are using e-payments, bad debt moves from 5% to 2%. The avoidance of bad debt pays can more than cover the cost of the credit card processing fee. 



We save you up to 50% on credit card processing fees.


Clique Payments supports all major payment processing platforms, gateways, ISOs and banks.


We use the latest technology to secure your payment data.


Get paid faster with automated reconciliation and less manual work.


Trusted By Over 500 Businesses, Clique manages to process over $100 million annually!
For merchants, Clique serves as a virtual point of sale terminal within QuickBooks, and can replace the physical POS terminal. And merchants will not need to switch from their current payment processor to adopt it.

A few words from our valued customers


We've worked with Clique over the past few years and have had nothing but great experiences with them. They are very quick to respond to all our requests to demo their product to our merchants. The approval process is fast and if we ever have a minor wrinkle, they jump quicker than even the parent card processor to help the merchant find a resolution. Their solution, particularly for QuickBooks online, is better than anyone in the industry. Can't recommend them highly enough.

MT - CEO AdvoCharge

Clique has been an excellent addition to the processes we use to provide exceptional customer service. It has saved time not only for our customers, but also for our staff. Customers love the ability to easily pay online with either check or credit card. And when they call us, processing those payments over the phone is easier than ever before. The customized programming that Clique provided to integrate with Quickbooks was exceptional. The IT staff at Clique is experienced, knowledgeable, patient and detail oriented. Their post implementation follow up was terrific as well. Thank you to everyone at Clique for helping us!


Clique solved a serious problem for 3 large customer locations I was interested in processing for. They wanted to move away from QuickBooks and work with me due to next day funding and ease of record keeping. Clique made it possible. They were available to answer questions, fix or change anything that needed fixing and today I have a very happy customer whose three locations are running smoothly. Thank you Clique!


Clique is so easy to use! Sending invoices has never been easier for our company. The fact that we are able to sync our information from QuickBooks makes it that much easier.


My experience with Clique has been 5 star. Their product and customer service is superior and I highly recommend using them especially if you are looking for improved efficiency and great customer service.


I have been very impressed with Clique. Their product is very simple and easy to use.I always experience quick response time if I need assistance and the integration into QuickBooks has been seamless.I highly recommend this product!


We have been using Clique for several months now and are totally happy with the program. Even though we use QBO and can invoice through QBO, it's easier and more streamlined doing it with Clique and the data automatically flows into QBO. One of the great advantages I have found is that I can have a staff member prepare and send invoices out without having to give them access to the company's QBO file.

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